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Ben and DeniseBen Polis
is first and foremost a family man. He and his wife Denise have four children (two boys and two girls) and seven grandchildren (six boys and one girl). Ben was born and raised in West Virginia where he graduated from West Virginia University in 1973. Denise was born and raised in eastern North Carolina and graduated from East Carolina University in 1976. Ben and Denise are members of Richland Creek Community Church in Wake Forest NC.11696594_10153140277114412_3671780318517392868_o

In his early career, Ben was a newspaper writer and photographer; an assistant editor; a director of public affairs for a Fortune 100 corporation and a business owner before embarking on his career in long term care insurance in 1998. Denise has been a high school teacher in the North Carolina public school system since 1975.

Ben’s motivation to move into long term care insurance grew from a personal family experience where he witnessed the draining of assets and eventually Medicaid reliance due to an extensive nursing home confinement. A few years ago Denise’s mother needed almost round the clock care in her home due to dementia. The family eventually sold one of their farms to continue to pay for the care that lasted more than three years.11415453_10153088592814412_1811524067990245230_o

“I do not want my children to have to deal with the stress and expense of taking care of us,” Ben said. “I gave them the opportunity to create lives and families on their own. I have made sure we will not be a burden on them and that when needed, we will have quality care at locations we choose.”


Ben is licensed in the following states:
Alabama License #: 0729360
Georgia License #: 2998559
Indiana License #: 3105679
Kentucky License #: 864902
Louisiana License #: 648009
Maryland License #: 002166775
North Carolina License #: 3400766
North Dakota License #: 3400766
Ohio License #: 1266747
Pennsylvania License #: 921007
South Carolina License #: 455012
Tennessee License #: 2266921
Virginia License #: 600189
West Virginia License #: 3400766

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Mr. Ben Polis was very professional and knowledgeable while at the same time approachable. Any attempts on my part to contact Mr. Polis with a question or concern were always answered either immediately or shortly thereafter. As with any insurance, my hope is to not need the coverage but I am confident that the policy I secured with Mr. Polis’ guidance will serve me well.
R. Young Lousiana